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Jumbo Jack-o-Lantern

Display your giant stocking where it will attract customers.
Set up posters and drawing box. Hand out entry blanks and hold drawing event on pre-announced date to generate in-store excitement!

Promotion includes:

500 entry blanks
1 colorful poster
1 raffle box
Kit Unit Cost:
Shipping Cost:
  $ 126.95
  $ 39.95
  $ 177.90
Quantity can be changed in the next step
The toy list represents a partial list of toy inventory from which we build our giant promotions. The toys used for each specific model are specifically selected based upon: Gender Balance, Play Value, Target Age (Between 4 And 10 Years Of Age) and Estimated Retail Value. Deluxe has 90% Licensed and Name Brand Toys
Number of Toys: 8 Ft Stocking have 17-20 toys or more
The Estimated Retail Value of the promotions including the toys are based on Manufacturer’s suggested retail price AND the poster, header, raffle box, and entry blanks. Jumbo Jack-O-Lantern-$164.18
New toys are purchased and added throughout the year. List refreshed in 12-11-10 While supplies last.
Hanging Promotions Sizes are measured from top of header to bottom of footer
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